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The Rage Burns On – Rage Of Bahamut Second Season Confirmed


Hey, gang! Remember that super awesome Anime series that was released a while back but bever picked up by any legal Anime distributor? Yeah! That one! It’s the one that we all said we didnt watch because of that reason but did so anyway because we were told it rocks so damn hard. You know exactly what I’m talking about!

Cygames released their cardgame Rage Of Bahamut a very long time ago, and last year it got adapted into an Anime series that worked so damn well it had people breaking the law just to watch it. Well it justified a second season which has just been announced through, now bear with me; a live concert dedicated to the music of the series. Now THAT’S a flashy announcement!

At this point in time no information was released in regards to an airing date or episode count so, for the most part, we’re pretty much in the dark. Not for long I’d hope! Usually at times like these we see even a little more info closely following the announcement of something big. Either way, just be happy Rage Of Bahamut – Genesis is getting a second season…hopefully soon we’ll be given a way to watch it legally. AnimeLab? Crunchyroll? Anyone?



  1. Great news, I really look forward to the next installment of this series.

  2. nintensity says

    they have it on funimation now…as they licensed it.

    • Hi nintensity, that is great news but unfortunately for us we are based in Australia and it is not available legally in any form down under and Funimation geoblocks us out as well, hence the mention of not being available in the article. Hope that clears up any confusion.

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