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The Preview Returns – Episode Duscae 2.0 Released



Well Final Fanatics, it looks like its time again to take a look at XV and all it promises to bring us…by looking at Duscae once more. Ok, so apparently Square Enix took a little bit of a survey regarding the last release of this particular demo, the feedback of which led them to tweak the Episode a little in a number of ways.

In regards to gameplay, the camera and targetting systems have been re-worked, whilst the battle system has been imbued with a few new combos and a touch of re-balancing. A new boss fight has also been promised…probably against the giant elephant-dinosaur-pig monster shown in the screenshots, but you know what they say about making assumptions.

Of course, all of this information only applies if you actually own the Episode Duscae demo, which came bundled with Type-0 HD (which has also received a slight, camera-control upgrade). So sit back, wait for your game to update and enjoy the latest pre-instalment of FF XV; Episode Deux-scae…Two-scae…I’ll stop now.


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