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The Pokemon Center Japan’s 20th Anniversary Merchandise Is Rocking An Old-School Vibe


Twenty years, huh? Twenty long years filled with nothing but critical success, franchise-expanding opportunities, and financial gain the likes of which you’ve simply never seen before. Pokemon is arguably history’s most breathtaking success story, and twenty years later we’re remembering it as the breakout star of the nineties will reminding ourselves that it’s reign over the pop culture world has not yet come to pass. Pokemon is a juggernaut in the industry, and it will continue that way for many years to come, but it is times like this that allow us the perfect opportunity to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” of the original Pokemon generation: One that featured, in my personal opinion, some of the most likable Pocket Monsters, and paved the way not only for future series games to come, but games of similar type to spread their creative wings and fly.

Like any good anniversary celebration, what comes as part of the festivities is new merchandise. Well…more like old merchandise. The Pokemon Center stores across Japan have, starting just a few days ago, begun selling a slew of new Pokemon merchandise that gives us a modern look at some of the franchises more classic features and moments. The “Dot Sprite Collection“, as many people have come to call it, offers Poke-Fans new gear with an old-school vibe.


Hats, T-Shirts, key rings, plush dolls, stickers; they all make an appearance as a part of this new range of memorabilia that portrays, as you may have already guessed; the original video game’s greyscale sprites as their main focus. Alongside these particularly dull (colour-wise), but incredibly exciting pieces, is the re-release of classic trading card game decks and boosters, as well as card covers and figurines to add to what I assume is your expansive collection of Pokemon merchandise.

Unfortunately you can only purchase items from this new range in Pokemon Center stores from across Japan, but I’m sure there will be online retailers who will quickly snap up the opportunity to sell this to fans abroad, it’ll just take a bit of investigating before you find a trustworthy retailer. No matter how much I sit here and describe these new items, I know that what you’re truly interested in is simply seeing them for yourself. That is why I’m going to cut the writing short and host for you below a gallery of most, if not all, of the new items. Enjoy!


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