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The Past And The Future Collide – Sega Announces Yakuza: Kiwami and Yakuza 6


What could possibly be better than the announcement of a brand-new Yakuza game? How about a complete remake of the original Yakuza game set to be released on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4? Yeah, today is a pretty good day for those of you out there who are fans of the action series.

Sega announced today, at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia Press Conference, two new titles both of which belong to the long line of Yakuza video games which dates back to 2005 with the release of the very first title in the series. The first is Yakuza 6 which, as you already know, is the latest in the line of numerical Yakuza games which will, once again, follow the crime-riddled story of Kazuma Kiryu. The other announcement, a game titled Yakuza: Kiwami, is the complete remake of the very first Yakuza video game, giving a brand-new definition to the phrase “HD Remake“.

While not much is known about Yakuza 6, including overall story and when the game is set to be released, what we do know is that it will be hitting Japan sometime in 2016 exclusively to the PlayStation 4. If and when it’s set to get a release in the West is unknown but hopes are high that it eventually reaches local shelves.

Most people reading this article will know all about Yakuza: Kiwami because it was originally released ten years ago! Unlike Yakuza 6, we know almost everything about this title and not only because it’s a remake: Set to be released across Japan on the 21st of January for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Yakuza: Kiwami will follow series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu as he goes from being a top-ranked Gokudo, to prisoner, to treasure hunter, after a fateful day wherein which he takes the blame for a murder he didn’t commit.

The remake will feature next generation-quality graphics, an updated combat system, and a set of new missions previously unavailable in the original game. This truly is the remake to end all remakes! Sega, at the conference, released a trailer for the video game remake that SHOULD get all fans of the series excited. No, in fact, it should even get those of you out there who aren’t fans of the series excited. It’s that good!



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