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The New Persona 5 Trailer Will Have You Seeing Red


There’s no better news than that of “Persona 5” news and at the very top of my “favorite things to see” list has always been a brand-new trailer. Well ATLUS delivered with the unveiling of the very first full “Persona 5” trailer which showed off a great deal more than I believe a lot of people expected.

With a tonne of colour, trailer gave us a glimpse at both the combat and social simulator side of the game, both of which look fantastic! Audiences are somewhat introduced to four members of the main cast but I can’t help imagining that there are going to be a fee more we wont be made privy to until closer to the release.

To say the very least; there’s a lot about this trailer that screams “Persona” but there’s also a great deal that boasts the evolution of the great series. With a sinister-looking protagonist, a Bancho best friend, a Rise Kujikawa impersonator and a cat mascot, there’s not much else to be desires which can only mean this game is going to mean a new age for the “Persona” series. P1 and P2 laid the tracks, P3 built the train, P4 road the rails but P5 is going to give it wings and fly it to Mars!

Not set for a specific release as of yet, word from ATLUS is that it’ll hit local shelves the world over before the year is up. Now sit back and enjoy the trailer.


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