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The New Nintendo Switch Trailer, Once Again, Shows Off Its Gameplay Versatility


All, if not most, people now know about Nintendo’s next big home console/handheld gaming device the “Switch”, so I wont bother with any kind of recap. I’m sure that those of you out there who are reading this already know everything there is to know about the console, so there’s also nothing I could tell you here that you wouldn’t already know. In fact, I feel as though some of you reading this are the types to sit and rewatch a trailer again and again until you’ve properly digested every iota of information in it, so I’d imagine that there’s more that you can explain to me than me to you.

Something you may not know about, though, is that today Nintendo released another trailer for their upcoming console that, although oddly like the reveal trailer, runs for about five minutes long and features some of the games revealed through the conference held just a few weeks ago. The trailer, as you may have already guessed, doesn’t necessarily show the games themselves, but instead it shows the games being played by twenty-something year olds who are busy enough to have to “switch” between home console and handheld play but aren’t busy enough to actually stop playing when they arrive at any number of destinations; be it a friends house, the skate park, university…their job. The Switch is just too good to put down!


The marketing theme for the “Switch” is both comical and charming, and this trailer features it all. While I’d love to imagine eight seemingly random college attendees all playing Splatoon 2 with one another, or being at your job and shirking responsibility for a chance to play one-on-one Mario Kart with a co-worker, the “Switch” community is going to be vastly different from what we have been shown. Still, it’s an exciting console that I hope sells as well as these trailers theorise they will. Fact is, we wont have to wait too long to confirm that because the “Switch” launches worldwide on the 3rd of March this year. Until then, there’s a new trailer to watch:


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