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The Mysterious Pilot of Unit-02 – Interview with Tiffany Grant at MadFest 2016


The smile behind the tsundere scowl

During the first ever Madman Anime Festival (or MadFest as it is more summarily entitled), we we lucky enough to get the chance to talk to the one and only Tiffany Grant. Known the world over for her performance as Asuka in every rendition of Neon Genesis Evangelion these past bundle of years, this particularly joyous interviewee was more than happy to discuss the role, a fact immediately evidenced by her Unit-02 inspired wardrobe. That being said, discussion swiftly moved beyond said unbelievably successful anime franchise and turned to script writing, the rise of anime popularity and another brash, German, eyepatched mech pilot who just so happens to be voiced by one Tiffany Grant. I wonder who it could be…



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