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The Legendary Pokemon Hoopa Finally Gets An Official Western Reveal


Now we all know that my fellow writer Luke Halliday absolutely hates Hoopa. What I want you all to know is that I, Frank Inglese, am on the total opposite side of the spectrum: I love Hoopa, and I’m so glad it’s finally getting the official time of day it deserves. For so long now the world has been well-aware of Hoopa thanks to some sneaky citizens of the Earth we call game hackers. Back when Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released people had already found out who Hoopa was.

The legendary has recently been officially revealed over in Japan and now it is time for the West to officially meet Hoopa. The thing is…we know who Hoopa is. We know this Pokemon very well. Heck, we even know it’s “Unbound” form! I’m not going to repeat what everybody already knows. Instead, I’m going to direct you to the official video that the Pokemon Company has just released. Why not get to know Hoopa even more, despite the fact that you already know it pretty damn well.

Even though we’ve gotten a nice introduction trailer what we’ve yet to be told by Nintendo is when we can all actually get Hoopa which I know is what everyone is waiting for. It’s what I’m waiting for! Hopefully Nintendo will release some information very soon regarding distribution so stick to the site for an update when it comes along.


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