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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess To Hit The Wii U As HD Remake


Usually I begin articles like this with some sort of preamble, detailing the history of the piece of media in question, but for news regarding The Legend Of Zelda…I don’t think any preamble is necessary. By this point in time, everybody’s very much aware that Nintendo hosted one of their Direct presentations today, using it as a chance to blow the minds of gamers all across the world. As a part of the mind-blowing, Nintendo announced that they will be re-releasing the much-loved Wii title The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, this time as a HD remake to be released on the Wii U.

Set for a release in North America on the 4th of March, the Twilight Princess HD re-release will come bundled with the newly-announced Wolf Link Amiibo which depicts the animalistic form of the Hero Of Time as he was shown in the aforementioned video game. As it turns out, the new game will not only allow the use of this particular Amiibo, but all of the other The Legend Of Zelda Amiibos that have already been released. What exactly they will do has not been said, but you can pretty much assume that they’ll unlock certain small bonuses like in most other Amiibo-compatible games.


The HD release of the game is said to feature altered gameplay mechanics and brand-new features specifically designed for the Wii but, in true Nintendo fashion, those specific details were not divulged. Instead, the audience was told that, in due time, these pieces of information will be released. Unfortunately we can’t say exactly when, but it’ll surely be sometime in the coming weeks. Regardless, I’m sure you’re excited for the upcoming HD release, so that’s really all you need at this point in time; the knowledge that this game is indeed on it’s way.


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