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“The Last – Naruto The Movie” – Very First Teaser Ad

The-Last-Naruto-The-Movie-Promotional-Image-01The very first teaser ad for the upcoming Naruto movie titled “The Last” aired last night in Japan after an episode of the much loved ‘Naruto Shippuden’ Anime series and although the trailer is short, it still is worth watching seeing as we get our first animated glance at the older and more serious version of series hero Naruto. The video itself is entirely in Japan, as you can imagine, but luckily the narrator doesn’t actually say a great deal…at least, he doesn’t say what isn’t already known by avid Naruto fans following the news of this movie.

“The Last” is a film that is being developed and released as a part of the Naruto 15th anniversary celebration period and will feature a storyline written by the series creator himself Masashi Kishimoto. A lot of the film’s hype is spurred on by the ‘new’ Naruto who appears to be older and less rambunctious than his younger counterpart. So far, no actual story regarding the new movie has been divulged but my assumption is that we’ll be hearing about it very soon.


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