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The Last: Naruto The Movie – Theatrical Trailer

The-Last-Naruto-The-Movie-Full-Trailer-Screenshot-01As my fellow writer Luke Halliday would way; “Naruto mania running wild, blokey!”, and for once in his life he’d be right. ‘Naruto’ mania is definitely running wild thanks to the almost finale of the long-running Manga combined with the immeasurable hype of the final movie of the franchise soon to begin its theatrical run in Japan. Up until this point in time, most of what we’ve seen of the movie has come in the form of short ads or still images of character designes but this time we’ve got the real deal: A full theatrical trailer that has just started playing in Japanese cinemas.

Yes, it has been released online for fans all over the world to admire and, well…it’s looking damn good! I’m not even that into ‘Naruto’ anymore and I think it’s looking to be a great movie, I can’t help but imagine current fans’ excitement. it’s probably through the damn roof! The song you’re about to hear in the trailer is provided by Japanese jazz duo ‘Sukima Switch’ and will serve as the official theme song for the movie.

So who’s Naruto up against this time? Good question. She’s a young lady that goes by the name of Toneri Otsutsuki who’s a fellow Ninja that just so happens to have the blood of both the Sage of the Six Paths and Kaguya running through her veins. What she wants to do? Well, much like any typical bad guy, she wants to ram the moon into Earth…yep. “The Last: Naruto The Movie” is set to start showing in Japanese theaters on the 6th of December this year. The West will be getting it a little while after that but don’t hold your breath, you may not make it.


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