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The Journey Begins – Final Fantasy Explorers Ventures to ANZ


Let the expedition begin

Final Fantasy. That’s enough of an opening description I think. Those two words have carried the promise of new games since…since a long time ago, almost immediately removing any sense of truth from the title. IT’ll honestly be a bigger shock when the eventual final Final Fantasy appears…but I digress. This particular notice of fantasy goes out to the handheld gamers out there, in particular to those wielding the dual-screened 3D capable iteration of Nintendo.

Dubbed Final Fantasy Explorers, this 3DS adventure throws players into a world of faces new and old alike, pitting them and their party against equally familiar and unfamiliar foes. Combat wise, players will be able to choose from eight different classes, akin to the earlier instalments of the franchise, such as Paladin and Dragoon, with unique classes such as Freelancer also joining the list. Continuing the combat topic, Explorers makes use of the 3DS Wi-Fi in order to enact multiplayer upon the world within. So take on the world alone or join with friends, or even strangers, in order to bring a more cohesive hurt upon foes like Bahamut.

This all being said, why not check out the trailer and get a better idea of the moving picture my words are attempting to paint. Information isn’t exactly scarce on this topic either, as it hit Japanese stores back in December of 2014. Though, given how some games never make the transition to the west, a release in 2016 isn’t too bad. That’s January 26th for North America and January 29th for Europe by the way. In case you’re interested in specifics.


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