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The Invasion Continues – Parasyte: Part Two Hits Australian Cinemas This July


Everybody loves Fridays. It’s a universal fact! That’s why, come the end of the week, we’re all thanking the Gods that it is indeed a Friday. Because today is a Friday, everyone is already in a pretty good mood. I know I am. If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture living in Australia…your Friday just got a great deal better!

Madman Entertainment have today announced that they will be bringing the sequel film Parasyte: Part Two to Australian cinemas this July. More specifically; the film will hit select theatres around the country on the 25th of the month. Like the first of the two movies that were brought down to Australia thanks to the wonderful people at Madman Entertainment; tickets will go very quickly so make sure you keep an eye out for the screening schedule once it is released so you can pre-purchase you tickets.

Surely by now you know what Parasyte is about, right? It begun as a Manga and, after many years, eventually grew into an Anime series alongside two live-action movies, the second of which we’re promoting right here. The story follows a young boy named Shinichi who comes into very close contact with an alien parasite that fumbles his mission and now has to share his body with. That’s not the worst part though! No, the other members of this alien race are killing and eating humans, something that Shinichi and his new alien pal Migi will not stand for.

Madman Entertainment, alongside the announcement of the date, also released their very own trailer for the movie which you can see by scrolling down just a tiny bit and clicking the “play” button below. Enjoy!


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