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The Invasion Continues – Parasyte: Part I (Live Action) Receives Additional Australian Screenings


Parasites are not so easy to get rid of

Good news for all of the Parasyte fans who live in the country of Australia (much like myself). If you were saddened by the fact that you did not get to watch the live action adaptation of Parasyte: Part I on the big screen, then it is time for you to be saddened no more. By popular demand, said film is to receive a few additional screenings this coming weekend.

George Street (Sydney)
Saturday 2/5 & Sunday 3/5 – 4:45pm

Hoyts Melbourne Central (Melbourne)
Sunday 3/5 – 3:50pm

Myer Centre (Brisbane)
Saturday 2/5 & Sunday 3/5 – 3:30pm

As an added bonus, ticket purchasers will receive a free poster (most likely related to Parasyte) for as long as stocks last. So head on over to Reel Anime to complete the ticket purchasing process and subsequently prepare for watching a movie where alien creatures prey on humanity. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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