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The Hills Aren’t Alive – Silent Hills Cancellation Confirmed


The title has never been truer…

Sad news for all you horror fans out there. After the reports began circulating these past few days, Konami has officially made it known that their upcoming Silent Hills game is in fact cancelled.

Excitement for the title has been quite prevalent since the release of the mysterious P.T. back in August of 2014. As somewhat of a trailblazer in the demo department, labelled as a playable teaser, its generally undefined nature garnered a lot of attention. Those who possessed the fortitude to actually complete it were rewarded with the Silent Hills title card, along with a brief scene featuring Norman Reedus, the star of this would-be game. Reedus himself commented on the cancellation of the project:

However, if you’re the type to look for silver linings, it has been stated that the possibility for other instalments in the Silent Hill franchise are still possible. So keep an eye out for future developments, but never forget the game that almost was. I’d say you could always play P.T. over and over, but that too has been cancelled in a way (having had its distribution ceased). But hey, if you own it already, delve 100% into the insanity and just keep walking down that hallway until the next door opens…


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