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The Great Ace Attorney – Very First Trailer Released

The-Great-Ace-Attorney-First-Trailer-Screenshot-01Don’t listen to those other people, reader. Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year, Tokyo Game Show weekend is the most wonderful time of the year! Capcom’s upcoming title ‘The Great Ace Attorney’, the next video game in the ‘Ace Attorney’ series of games, was announced a little while back to the delight of fans the world over.

Not but a week ago it was revealed that the game’s protagonist Ryuunosuke will be partnering up with none other than fictional history’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes. Set during the Meiji Era of Japan, this upcoming game is definitely on the radar for fans of the series and, in fact, most video game fans invested in Japanese pop culture.

‘The Great Ace Attorney’ will take the series back to a time not yet explored in any of it’s predecessors so, as you can imagine, it has got a firm grasp a large audience’s attention. Capcom has today, as part of TGS celebrations, released the first ever trailer for the game and it is looking down right brilliant! The game does not have a release date attached to it as of right now, all we know is that it will be hitting Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems sometime next year and it will hopefully be getting a Western release sometime after that.


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