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The Godfather Of Shinobi – Masashi Kishimoto Announced As Guest For New York Comic Con

I cannot stress this enough but…Naruto will simply never die! I know for a fact that I’ve written many articles in the recent past regarding the series and most of those articles start in, more or less, the same way. I usually talk about how Naruto, despite the main storyline Manga being finished and the Anime being on it’s way out, is still one of the most popular Shonen series’ of all time. This time around…I’m not going to worry about explaining that because, let’s be honest; if you don’t already know this by now than you’re simply not as big a Naruto fan than you think you are.

We just saw the Western release of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump’s latest issue, which is published by Viz Media outside of Japan, and within the new edition comes a nice piece of news that sees the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto himself, taking a trip out to North America for the New York Comic Con festivities. Yes, you read correctly! Masashi Kishimoto has just been announced to be attending the 2015 convention as one of the headlining guests which means all you die-hard Naruto fans may finally get a chance to see your own personal God and saviour in the flesh.

The Godfather of Shinobi will be attending two panels; one on the 8th of October and the other on the 10th of October, and in between will be at his very own signature booth where you can line up and get him to autograph whatever it is that you’d like. Of course, you’d have to swing it by him first. From the 8th to the 11th he’ll be meeting and greeting fans of his series at the convention but starting on the 5th you’ll be able to see him at select Kinokuniya and Barnes & Nobles book stores for a more intimate autograph session. For specific locations and times you’ll have to hit up the stores’ official websites closer to October when that information has been released.

Anyone in New York at the time or anyone actually attending the New York Comic Con would be silly NOT to try a meet this man even for a split second. Whether or not you like Naruto is irrelevant, the sheer fact that this single man created a series that has soared to this height of popularity is more than enough to be revered for. Who knows, some of that talent might even rub off on you. I’d take that chance!


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