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The Game is Afoot – Monster Hunter: World Announced

I’ll chase them anywhere

Monster Hunter. The test of character that has seen many a player give up quite early into their hunting careers. Which is totally understandable, given that some monsters are difficult and unfair and it is totally not a lack of player skill that leads to defeat after defeat after defeat…after defeat. But once those glitches are sorted out, and that bird wyvern goes down, a veritable paradise unfurls and now said paradise has spread its wings to consoles beyond Nintendo’s purview.

In addition to the tried and true mechanics of the franchise, namely hunting monsters and using their parts to make weapons to hunt monsters and using their parts to hunt monsters and so on and so forth, the more powerful processing potential of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One opens up the greatest advancement in the Monster Hunter world ever: Reduced loading screens. With map areas still very much a part of the hunting ground layout, World promises to mitigate the segmented nature of this practice by removing loading screens. Though admittedly not too egregious in previous instalments, cutting to a black screen whilst chasing your prey can break immersion and that’s not fun for anybody.

Speaking of anybody, Monster Hunter: World promises a cross region (between Japan and the West) drop-in multiplayer system, wherein players in trouble can shoot up an SOS flare, summoning allies to their side. Mix this with the multitude of weaponry available and the continuation of the riding mechanic (allowing players to climb beasts and deal damage), and you have a formula for some true hunting chaos. And chaos is fun. Especially when said chaos possesses a simultaneous world release window. Those monsters won’t know what hit them.


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