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The Four Ladies of the Apocalypse – Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Heads to Europe


Dress for the job you want

Hordes of undead. Writhing masses of what were once human beings, out now only to feast on the brains of the living…or just maul them, or purposefully turn them, or whatever it is zombies do nowadays. Now that I think abot it, zombies are not exclusively of the dead variety nowadays, what with the advent of contagion plotlines and all. Look, what I’m getting at is that zombie apocalypses are frightening things and if there was one word you would never use to describe one, it would be sexy…at least I hope you wouldn’t. But, as it so often does, Japan has said nay to this preconception and has decided to enlighten the West with a little game known as Onechanbara Z2: Chaos. Prepare for some conflicting emotions people because these ladies take all common sense regarding appropriate apocalypse fashion and throw it out the window, leaving them with very little, which they then wear.

Not content with merely standing out due to their risqué garb, the Bikini Zombie Squad deal out re-death in a manner that one could (and should) describe as over the top. Utilise acrobatic combos, the new Dare Drive or temporarily suppress your humanity and undergo Xtasy Demonic Transformation. Did I mention that two of the squad members are vampire sisters? Because that’s kind of a big deal. Not to be left in the lurch, the two remaining squad members each possess their own fighting style, allowing you to mix things up and bring the pain in a multitude of ways. The undead won’t know what killed them. Slice through story mode and unlock new outfits for the squad to wear in battle. Just because countless people have died, doesn’t mean fashion has to perish as well. Listen to some funky beats to top everything of and choose whether to listen to the original Japanese audio or, for the first time in the series, switch it over to English. It’s an honest to goodness bilingual bloodbath.


The addition of chaos balances the subtraction of shirts

Interested? If so, why not check out some images, handily located under this very text. If not, I applaud you for reading this article in its entirety, that shows commitment. But if you’ve come this far, why not go a little further and check out the screenshots as well? It might spark an interest and you to may be waiting for Fall 2015, PS4 at the ready for when the Bikini Zombie Squad heads to Europe.



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