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The Flavour Sensation Sweeping the Nation – Dagashi Kashi Eng Dub Cast Announced


Now customised for native English speakers

Okay, so I’m not entirely 100% certain that Dagashi Kashi is sweeping the nation, but I would certainly like to believe it. This is entirely based on my own personal bias and enjoyment of the candy centric series in question, so take all opinions exposed from here on with a grain of sugar.

As they are known to do, due in no small part to their entire business model, FUNimation has revealed yet another English dub cast for their ever expanding roster of anime. As I have already outwardly stated, the series in discussion this time around is Dagashi Kashi. Focusing on the aspiring manga artist Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada, who is burdened by an eccentric and extremely energetic father who desires nothing more than to have his son take over the family dagashi shop (aka candy store aka lolly shop aka whatever makes sense to your particular world dialect). Though his attempts fail regularly, the arrival of an even more eccentric, and even more energetic, character known as Hotaru. Of course, this being an anime, Hotaru is an attractive girl whom Coconuts is immediately struck by, due in no small part to the fact that she looks coincidentally like the protagonist of his own manga. Coincidence much? Yes, but who cares about that? Not this series, because episodes consist of unbelievable events coated with a nice candy theme, such as future altering gambles based on who chooses the sour grape from a packet of not-so-sour grapes. Anyway, as far as cast goes:

  • Kokonotsu Shikada: Todd Haberkorn
  • Hotaru Shidare: Tabitha Ray
  • Yo Shikada: Jeremy Inman
  • Saya Endo: Sara Ragsdale
  • To Endo: Justin Plate
  • Lead Writer: Jamie Marchi
  • Director: Kyle Phillips
  • ADR Directors: Jeremy Woods, Dominique French

Long story short, Dagashi Kashi is a weird series that teaches you more about Japanese snack food than any other anime I’ve seen and is funny enough that its cast of five never feels too small. But I’ll save any more opinions for a more appropriate format and simply tell you to keep an eye out for this dub when it hits the web that is world wide.


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