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“The Film Has Been Seen Enough”, Says “Your Name.” Creator Makoto Shinkai


Apparently there IS such thing as too much of a good thing, at least, that’s the case for Makoto Shinkai; the creator of modern Japanese Pop Culture’s biggest film since whatever it was that Hayao Miyazaki worked on last. You would have to be living underneath a fairly large rock not to know about the recent blockbuster film Your Name. The story of two literal star-crossed lovers living out each other’s lives through dreams was created by genius writer, director, composer, animator, Makoto Shinkai. You may be familiar with Shinkai’s other popular films 5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Garden Of Words, and a few key others.

Those that know of Makoto Shinkai also know that he’s somewhat of an eccentric guy, especially when it comes to that of his passion projects. He is a meticulous perfectionist, and leaves absolutely no stone unturned, and it’s thanks to this that he is now asking that people around the world STOP seeing his latest film. Seeing as it is still being shown in select cinemas across the globe, this may be a suggestion that people simply will not take on board.

According to Shinkai; “two years was not enough” to be able to perfect Your Name. In a recent interview he mentioned, in detail, that he believes Your Name. is an imperfect film that doesn’t deserve the level of popularity it has now achieved. Crazed statements such as this were followed up by even more insanity with Makoto then explaining that he hopes the film does not win the Oscar it has been nominated for. In Shinkai’s eyes, Your Name. is an “unbalanced” film that, to him, seems “incomplete”, and just because the world as a whole adores it that doesn’t mean it is going to change in his eyes.


They say that the toughest critic is yourself, and if there’s anything that could confirm such a thing…it’s this. As mentioned, Makoto Shinkai is clearly a perfectionist, and in my personal opinion I feel as though he would have felt this way about the film no matter how much extra time they had to work on it. THAT is the reason why Makoto Shinkai’s only get better, because he does not become complacent with the success of one film. He instead attempts to prove that he can do far greater with his next one which, if history has taught us anything, is usually better than the last.

Makoto Shinkai, at this point in time, clearly wants to move on from Your Name. so as to begin working on another project; one that will most likely be even more successful, and one that he will most likely feel is even worse, once again continuing the loop of his success and personal development. He’s an enigmatic guy, but he has a distinct and foolproof way of doing things. It is thanks to this that many people, not only fans of his work but others in the industry, greatly admire him.

Going against his wishes, I will suggest that those of you out there who havn’t gone to see this film yet quickly do so before it is no longer shown in cinemas. I say this not just to go against Mr. Shinkai’s wishes but so that you can truly see the masterpiece he considers undeserving of it’s fame. It will truly blow you away.


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