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The Fabled “Second Punch” – One-Punch Man Anime To Get A Second Season


The titular One-Punch Man, Saitama, has had quite a firm grasp on the Anime-loving community ever since the debut of the series’ adaptation last year. As with any popular Anime series, One-Punch Man’s television success trickled over and landed firmly onto the original Manga series which also gained quite a level of popularity. One-Punch Man is so beloved, in fact, that original creator ONE’s other Manga series, Mob Psycho 100, was also adapted into an Anime series. Thus is the sheer force of One-Punch Man. Literally the moment the final episode of what will now be referred to as “Season One” ended, fans demanded more from Saitama, to which Madhouse simply could not deny. It was obvious from the very moment this series hit the air, but it wasn’t just going to have the one season. No way.

Over in Japan, a special event was held to commemorate all things One-Punch Man. This celebratory affair, titled the “One Punch Man Fall Festival“, featured many exciting things, but none more than the reveal that it’s Anime adaptation will indeed be receiving a second season. Yes, my friends, it is indeed confirmed: One-Punch Man will return for a second season, once again, closely adapting the story present in the Manga, following on from where the last season ended. It was also revealed that the series will be getting it’s very own SmartPhone game sometime in the near future, but that’s not as jubilating as a second season, so not a lot of focus was on that particular shred of news.

So far, a proper release date has not been revealed, but it is safe to say that you’ll probably be seeing it hit screens across Japan, and in the West thanks to streaming serviced, sometime in the new year. Exactly when? Nobody knows right now, but the One-Punch Man Committee will reveal more information sooner or later. Until then, do whatever it is that One-Punch Man fans do which, judging by past experience, is scream “One Punch!” at any possible moment, regardless of the situation. I, on the other hand, am going to begin the training regime constructed by Saitama, soon realising that it’s not quite enough to make me loose weight, nor get any stronger than I am now, nor make me lose my hair, and eventually I will simply stop. That’s my plan!

One Pinch!” Ugh, I mean; “One Punch!


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