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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend – 91 Days Episode Five – Season’s Writings


Just as tension between the boys and this hideaway holiday grew to a boiling point, Nero received a call from his trusted ally Barbero who explains that the Orcos have had enough of Fango’s ridiculous nature and, much like the Vanetti’s, have attempted to assassinate him without success. As a cause of this, Fango has escaped to “The Island” alongside twenty or so of his closest men, transforming it into his base of operation until the heat dies down and he can strike back at those who’ve attempted to end his life. Barbero continues to explain that there’s a high chance Nero will be allowed back into Lawless thanks to Orco’s failed attempt at killing Fango which has now forced them into a ceasefire with both the Vannetti’s and the Galassias, not wanting to dig themselves any deeper.

After meeting up with Barbero at “The Lodge”; a hidden moonshine production setup, both Nero and Avilio head towards the Vanetti mansion so as to join a meeting to be held between the heads of the three families. Upon arrival, thanks to a subtle sign by Tigre, Nero realises that this was a ploy to have him killed. Volpe, a rat set up by Nero to keep an eye on his new brother-in-law Ronaldo Galassias, Tigre, Nero, Corteo, and Avilio escape to an empty warehouse by the shore wherein which they discuss ways of escaping the city alive while also tending to Tigre’s shoulder wound. Looking across the river at “The Island”, Avilio urges the team to look towards Fango for sanctuary, to which they all disagree.

Going against Nero and the others; Avilio and Corteo head for “The Island” to discuss terms and conditions with Fango who, upon arrival, threatens to kill them both for the death of Serpente, whom he assumes was at the hand of a Vanetti. After calming himself, and looking at the situation in a different light, Fango asks Avilio what would be in it for him if he allowed his enemies to use his new headquarters as a stalling tactic for their impending death. Avilio, understanding Fango’s intentions, proposes that they bring him Don Orco…alive. Fango has a bone to pick with the man who initiated his assassination attempt, and would love a chance at the Orco throne. The episode concludes with Corteo explaining to the boys back on the main land that he will serve as their hostage for the duration of this partnership.


As per what has come to be known as the norm, episode five of 91 Days featured twists, turns, character development, and exciting story features. Alongside that it also played host, once again, to wonderful visuals and an even better soundtrack. Yes, you’re right, I am kind of glazing over the key points, but I feel as though I’ll talk about this kind of thing every single week, and this latest episode has given me something much bigger to talk about: I always find that subtlety in a story, across any medium, is what makes a series seem realistic despite it’s eccentricities. This is what made Fullmetal Alchemist so great, even though it was a series that revolved around human-made monsters and those with the ability to transform sheet metal into a piercing blade with a clap of their hands.

Because 91 Days is a story that is driven entirely by the characters within it, there is no room for failure when it comes to development, but that can be quite a hard feat to accomplish, especially when you have a fairly sizeable cast of characters to include in as many scenes as possible. Not many stories can pull this off, but the ability to show growth and development in a character despite them not being on-screen is one that 91 Days has, in my humble opinion, mastered. Despite not seeing Colteo for an episode, when reunited with Avilio, he has developed a smoking habit and has now been directly employed to work alongside the Vanetti’s moonshine business. Colteo, after not appearing for a short while, almost came off as a character to be pushed aside so as to make more room for Avilio’s development, but with the release of episode five we now know that this simply isn’t the case.


I have said this in past episodic reviews, but I will now repeat myself; 91 Days is a series that features incredible development, not just in it’s characters but, in fact, in it’s story as a whole. Just because is not shown does it mean that it didn’t happen? According to 91 Days, this is incorrect. The great minds behind the series have written several stories featuring certain key players that directly influence the journey of both Nero and Avilio, and yet we as the audience are not made privy to most of what this tale has to offer. Some would see this as a negative, but I see this as an outstanding positive.

The story of 91 Days is, without a doubt, about a man on a mission for revenge, and that, for the most part, is what it focuses on…but that doesn’t mean nothing else can develop. There are so many varying angles to this one story, and they’re all existing at once, so even though the audience is forced to stare at Nero’s handsome face, there is still much more to be seen aside of it. If an element like this isn’t enough to win you over, than I simply don’t know what would.

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.



  1. The story is developing really well and this anime is quite impresses as a whole. It’s not quite winning me over because there are other anime I am enjoying more, but for the most part it is hard to pick fault with 91 Days. My biggest issue is that because I’m not enjoying it as much as other anime I’m not paying enough attention to some of the background characters and detail so I’m struggling to follow some of the interactions.
    Thanks for sharing.

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