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The Despair Continues – Spike Chunsoft Announces Danganronpa V3


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls has finally been released across the globe. Spike Chunsoft, the developers of the Danganronpa series of depressing but enjoyable video games, understand that the world has now been given the chance to thoroughly enjoy their last amazing title, but what they also understand is that, because it was so enjoyable…people want more of it. That is what makes the announcement of Danganronpa V3 at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia Press Conference so much sweeter! Yes! Danganronpa V3! The despair continues perpetually!

Not much about the game was actually revealed at the conference. Although Spike Chunsoft did reveal a teaser trailer for the game…not much was said or shown. All Spike Chunsoft have told the world is that there’s going to be a new Danganronpa game set in a new school, and it will be released not only on the PlayStation Vita like it’s predecessors but also on the PlayStation 4. That is all.

Regardless of the lack of information detailed to worldwide audience…I’m sure everyone interested in Danganronpa even slightly is incredibly excited for this new title, which we should know more about in the coming months as Spike Chunsoft decide to release more information. Until then, the world has been given a teaser trailer of which I’ve provided for you below.

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  1. Great news – I love the series. A PS4 release is cool as non-Vita owners can now enjoy the franchise too.

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