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The Champs Arrive – “Wanna be the Strongest in the World!” and “Ping Pong” English Dub Casts Announced


A friendly back adjustment this is not

If you are an ardent watcher of anime, you may have heard of two particular sports based series that garnered some attention for their visuals. One, because of its unique and polarising style, and the other because of ladies…fighting each other. But regardless of what drew you in, or even if you were drawn in, FUNimation has announced that both “Wanna be the Strongest in the World” (the lady one) and “Ping Pong” (the quirky visual one) are both receiving an English dub. Better yet, they also announced who take part in said dub. So good news there.

The eye-popping world of women’s professional wrestling is sweaty, sadistic, and savagely sexy. Famous Japanese pop idol Sakura Hagiwara is better suited for the dance floor than the wrestling ring, but this ravishing songstress is about to put her body to the ultimate test. When she and fellow idol Elena are assigned to pose as wrestlers for a very special show, a vicious lady brawler by the name of Rio decides to teach the girls a lesson they won’t soon forget. Rio unleashes a flurry of ferocious of attacks on Elena, contorting her divine female form into an array of very naughty positions. Shocked by the blush-inducing beating taken by her friend, Sakura vows to get her heavenly curves ready to rumble and redeem the good name of idols everywhere by becoming a bona fide diva of the pro-wrestling world!


Sakura Hagiwara: Elizabeth Lewis
Elena Miyazawa: Monica Rial
Rio Kazama: Martha Harms
Misaki Toyoda: Leah Clark
Jackall Tojo: Lydia Mackay
Juri Sanada: Megan Shipman
Moe Fukuoka: Cristina Vee
Aika Hayase: Kristin Sutton
Yuho Mochizuki: Didi Archilla
Nanami Kanno: Michelle Lee
Makoto Kirishima: Vanessa DeSilvio
Chinatsu Suzumoto: Anastasia Munoz
Kurea Komiyama: Morgan Garrett


ADR Director – Joel McDonald
Lead ADR Engineer – Peter Hawkinson


It’s like tennis, but on a table

Smile and Peco. Peco and Smile. Besties from the beginning, both with a badass backhand. Peco is known for his arrogance on the table tennis court, and Smile for his silence. But with a new school year and a new high school table tennis team, both boys are in for a challenge, on–and off–the court. Peco’s slacker ways are hurting his game, and after getting crushed in a tournament, he decides to quit. Smile is finally learning to harness his natural talents, but can he squash his sympathy for his opponents enough to beat them. From the acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa (Adventure Time, Space Dandy) comes an innovative new series with stunning animation, memorable characters, and impressive footwork.


Yutaka Hoshino/Peco: Aaron Dismuke
Makoto Tsukimoto/Smile: Micah Solusod
Jo Koizumi/Butterfly Joe: Mark Stoddard
Ryuichi Kazama/Dragon: Marcus D. Stimac
Manabu Sakuma/Demon: Anthony Bowling
Kong Wenge/China: Alan Chow
Ota: Tyson Rinehart
Masayuki Sanada: Ian Sinclair
Shuji Nekota: Clifford Chapin
Yurie: Lindsay Seidel
Egami: Eric Vale
Michio: Jeremy Inman


ADR Director: Christopher Bevins
Lead ADR Engineer: Alyssa Galindo


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