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The Battle is Set!! – Dragon Ball FighterZ Announced

Luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed

Like the World Martial Arts Tournaments that gave our heroes their first fighting aspirations, a new battle seeks to give the warriors of Dragon Ball their next fix. Maybe. I mean, I’m making a lot of assumptions on the game’s behalf. It’s a game by the way. A video game. A fighting video game.

In the style of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue (also developed by Arc System Works, as this is to be), Dragon Ball FighterZ revolves around a 2D fighting system and character models that possess a distinctly anime feel. Of course, said feel is slightly outshone by the influx of lighting effects and beam attacks, that are impossible to ignore when they are utilised. The fact that it is also a 3v3 affair bolsters the chaotic nature of the clips shown, expressing a distinct learning curve all fighters must hike. Or not. I’ll admit, fighting games are not my forte. Still, FighterZ looks like a bundle of fun and any excuse to kick Freeza in his smug face is fine by me.


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