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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Announced For A North American/European Release


There exists a place between the land of the good and the land of the evil but this place is occupied by beings that fall under both categories. It’s a place we call “the real world” but little do we know that this world may not even truly be the “real” one. When Heaven and Hell clash, there are really only human casualties that get caught in between the crossfire and with the upcoming NIS America title “The Awakened Fate Ultimatum”, which has just been announced to be making its way to the West in 2015, you’ll be able to experience what it is like to be a God that must go to way with the forces of the malevolent for the sake of both the human world and the plane of existence where Heaven lies.

“The Awakened Fate Ultimatum” is just another RPG title that NIS America is bringing to the West in 2015 and, to be entirely honest…I’m so very excited for it. As of late I’ve found myself loving RPGs more and more, and this is just another that I can add to my list of games to get through. With roguelike features and an awesome story, it’s hard to pass this one up and thanks to NIS America…we won’t have to! North America will be getting the game on the 17th of March and Europe will be getting it on the 20th of March, both physically and digitally depending on which you prefer. Start brushing up on your RPGs because, I’m calling it right now, 2015 is going to be the year of the RPG. BOOM!

Accessible Roguelike Appeal:
Explore randomly generated dungeons and wield the powers of angels and devils as you carefully plan
your next move to avoid destruction. Customize your character’s development of both angel and devil
powers using an expansive skill tree to take advantage of your enemies in an intuitive battle system.

Engrossing Story:
Follow the characters’ adventures and guide them as they make hard choices with wide-ranging impact
for the peoples of Earth and Celestia. Deal with the consequences of your choices, and navigate the
intense intrigues that grip a celestial world at war.

Unique Game Design:
Enjoy the story of an RPG mixed with the gameplay of a roguelike wrapped in beautiful artwork not
normally present in this genre. The gorgeous characters and world come to life through the art of Noizi
Ito and Airi Hori.

Several years after a certain revolution came to pass, and the powerful Satanael was defeated, the devils were still dominant in their constant war against the angels. Meanwhile, a certain Celestia was resorting to guerilla warfare to survive. The angels focused on researching a way to create a “God” to use as their ultimate weapon against the devils. After creating the “Fate Awakening Crystal,” which can turn a human into God, the angels awaited the day to find someone who would be compatible.

Walking home from school in the human world, a boy is attacked and stabbed through the heart by a group of devils. As he lay dying, his life is saved by a mysterious girl. He wakes up in an unfamiliar location—Celestia. As if guided by the Fate Awakening Crystal implanted in his chest, he finds himself thrust into the middle of the war between angels and devils. He must harness his newly awakened powers, choose how to use them, and ultimately decide which of the two new girls in his life he will do anything to save… – NIS America


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