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The Attendees of SMASH! 2015 – Cosplay Compilation


The cosplay community is a large, thriving collection of incredibly dedicated and hard-working fans of pop culture. Preparing months (sometimes even years) in advanced, these men and women put countless hours into constructing costumes modelled after their favorite characters from the world of pop culture, but…come on, you know this already, right? Cosplay has been around for many, many years. It’s so popular in the modern age that I honestly cannot imagine it ever dulling in popularity…nor should it.

At every pop culture convention, one of the more amazing sights is that of a crowd of cosplayers not only enjoying their own costumes but the costumes of others and the convention itself. When it comes to prime cosplayers, it seems as though SMASH! truly is the place to be. Each and every year the quality of cosplay you see on the show grounds continues to grow ever higher, with those living the dedicated cosplay lifestyle continuing to develop as craftsmen and craftswomen. SMASH! 2015 was no different. Each and every cosplayer present put clear effort into their costumes and it made the weekend so much more enjoyable for the masses. Thus is the power of cosplay.


For the very first time, SnapThirty has it’s very own professional photographer and her duty was to capture the beauty of SMASH! through it’s costumed attendees…and that’s exactly what she has done. The gallery below contains some of the best cosplayers from the SMASH! 2015 weekend, but I must preface my comment by saying that it doesn’t mean the cosplayers featured were the only good ones to attend the Sydney Manga and Anime Show, it just means that they were the ones our photographer managed to speak to and photograph over the weekend. As you may all know; a convention weekend can be a hectic one.

Because of all the weekend’s hustle and bustle, it was hard to note down every cosplayers name and where you can find them across social media so I urge all of you reading this to use the comment section below to plug your cosplay page (if you have one) or to simply make yourself known if you happen to be present in the gallery. If you’re viewing this through Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, please make sure to do the same on those platforms. The SnapThirty crew wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on the chance to be properly credited.

If you look closely, you may even be able to spot SnapThirty co-founder Luke Halliday in a cosplay of his very own. 

Photographs provided by Crystal Whichelo Photography

All cosplayers featured have given permission for SnapThirty to host their images on the site. 


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