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Thanks To Hasbro “Yo-Kai Watch” Will Finally Be Coming To The West In 2016

Yo-Kai-Watch-Western-Promotional-Image-01If there’s any real good way to start off a work week it’s with news like this! Long-time readers of the site will know that my fellow write Luke Halliday and I have this odd, visceral love for the Japanese monster-taming franchise “Yo-Kai Watch”.

Now if you’ve not heard of “Yo-Kai Watch” than, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to insist you never come to this website again…no, I’m kidding. Don’t leave us! “Yo-Kai Watch” is a franchise comprising of video games, action figures, trading cards and everything else you can image would come out of a highly-popular series that is now heading to the West thanks to the wonderful people over at Hasbro.

“Yo-Kai Watch” has dominated Japan in every sense of the word: Both adults and children are obsessed with the video game by Level-5, the animated television show always hits a high viewership, the recent movie sold out opening weekend all across Japan…it’s a juggernaut of a franchise much like that of “Pokemon” which is still going strong even today.

Fans of “Yo-Kai Watch” over here in the West have been longing for some kind of localisation ever since they first laid eyes on it and now that dream is very much a reality. Level-5 have come out and announced a collaboration with Hasbro to bring the “Yo-Kai Watch” games and merchandise to the West by 2016. That includes North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia so almost all of the West will be able to enjoy some “Yo-Kai Watch” goodness by the end of next year.

I understand that this is still a year away from happening but surely you get some joy out of simply knowing that, eventually, you’ll be playing the games on your Nintendo 3DS and staring at a figurine of Jibanyan who’s made it’s home on your work desk. Level-5 and Hasbro will be releasing more information about the localisation very soon so stick to the site for the news when it breaks.



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