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Texas Smash! – Funimation Announces My Hero Academia Main English Dub Cast


It’s fine now. Why? Because the English dub cast is here!

Oh how I have been waiting for this. Since Funimation first streamed their trailer for My Hero Academia, my mind has been racing as to who would be cast in the eventual English dub. Luke and I even bantered back and forth on one of the podcasts episodes about casting choices…we weren’t entirely correct, but I still beat Luke and that makes me happy. almost as happy as the official declaration of the English dub cast (flawless segue). With a few names you’ll recognise and a few you maybe won’t recall until you hear them speak and then remember that you’ve heard them  speak in shows and be all like, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard those guys before,” the main cast is looking pretty sweet. Now, I’ll place some pretty hefty emphasis on “main” because as of now only four voice actors have been announced. However, with an air date of May 4th, it shan’t be too long until we all hear our heroes-to-be with their shiny new English voices. Not that the original isn’t great or anything, because it totally is great…in fact the whole series is great. Find some way to watch the series. Or read it, the manga is good too. Speaking of reading, why don’t we all tilt our gaze slightly downward and read the names of the voice actors who will be attending My Hero academia (I am nailing these segues today).

Justin Briner as Izuku Midoriya


Chris Sabat as All Might


Luci Christian as Ochaco Uraraka


Clifford Chapin as Katsuki Bakugo


So hone your powers, grab a pencil and prepare for the most harrowing part of any hero’s origin story; School.


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