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‘Terror in Resonance’ First Impressions

terror-in-resonance-ep-1-5Whenever the name Shinichiro Watanabe is attached to an anime project you know that it will no doubt be something that you should be watching and after the first episode of his latest work Terror in Resonance, it isn’t any wonder why Watanabe and the series that he directs are so critically acclaimed. It is because they resonate with viewers. These series find a way of burrowing into the deepest reaches of our hearts and striking a chord with our souls. Watanabe understands human feeling better than any anime director and he puts on show for the world to see.

Terror in Resonance kicks things off with a bang (literally in fact) and it feels like a Watanabe series from the get go. There is a lot of questions raised in this first episode and little to no answers given, but that is just fine, because Terror in Resonance looks to take its time exploring its world and characters before it hits the nitty gritty, which is of course a staple of Watanabe’s work. His ‘show now and tell later’ style makes the ride all the more intriguing and Terror in Resonance is nothing if not highly intriguing.

terror-in-resonance-ep-1-1The series follows two high school students who go by the names of Twelve and Nine respectively. They are both polar opposites and seem to have formed a bond of a mutual dark past. Whatever happened to these boys has led them to become what they are now – terrorists. We see the two of them setting a terrorist attack into motion, all the while becoming entangled with a high school girl who is the victim of bullying. The girl is given an ultimatum by the two terrorists, a decision to make: die here now or become an accomplice.

In a moment that will surely create a ripple effect down the line, the girl proclaims that despite the awful world she has found herself a victim in, she wants to live, more than anything. It is a truly powerful moment in an episode exploding at the seams with them. So with that she becomes an accomplice of the boys and joins them as the episode rolls to a close. We don’t exactly understand why these boys are staging large scale terrorist attacks on Japan, but we get the sense that there is a past pain that has forced their hand.

terror-in-resonance-ep-1-4It is absolutely impossible to tell where Terror in Resonance will head from here but with a premiere this compelling it is obvious that we are in for one hell of a ride with this series. High on intrigue and brimming with mystery, Terror in Resonance is a psychological thriller unlike any we have seen before. This series is entirely out of left field for Watanabe and I can’t wait to see what he does with the stage he has set with this episode.

Shinichiro Watanabe has done it again, Terror in Resonance has all the makings of a modern day classic. This first episode proved to be a real game-changer and in a time where anime has become so set in its ways, we have something that flips it all on its head. Where it will go from here is anyone’s guess. All we know is, Terror in Resonance is about to pull the trigger on this world and we all better be watching when it does.

You can check out Terror in Resonance on Madman’s AnimeLab Streaming Service.


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