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Terra Formars Video Game Announced – Riddled With Censorship?

Terra-Formars-Nintendo-3DS-Image-01This definitely seems to me like the worst time to announce something like this for the newly adapted Anime series ‘Terra Formars’. Based on a much-loved Manga series of the same name, the new Anime has only just begun airing and, to the surprise of everyone involved…it kind of sucks.

Why though? Because, seeing as it’s Japanese time slot is quite early in the night, it is absolutely riddled with censorship which means we’re not seeing the things that made the Manga so gripping. More specifically; the death and destruction. It was just announced over the weekend that a ‘Terra Formars’ video game has been in the works for quite some time and is set for a release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015.

Being developed by a seemingly unknown studio, ‘FuRyu’, I’m not sure hopes are high for the success of this game considering the bad taste left in audiences mouths after the first few episodes of the Anime. Being someone trying to stay positive about all things, I hope the game comes out brilliantly and does as well as the Manga did…not the Anime.

The video game will follow the story of the series and will put players in control of the Annex I crew, most notably though is that of Shokichi; one of the survivors of the Bugs II expedition and the active captain of Annex I. Many people are probably hoping that the game will eventually get a Western release but I think it is a lot safer to assume that we will NOT be getting the game.


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