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Tekken 7 – Recently Revealed Character “Shaheen” Is Breathtakingly Handsome

Tekken-7-Shaheen-Character-IMage-01The most exciting thing about the prospect of a new fighting game is not simply that there will be a new fighting game but that there is going to be a whole new team of different characters that will have you trying to master their skills and be just as good with them as you are with franchise staples.

I’ve not used Ryu from “Street Fighter” for many years because he just doesn’t seem as exciting as, let’s say, the newly re-introduced Charlie who’s coming to “Street Fighter 5” and it’s much the same with Tekken. Are people still using Jin? Actually, yes, probably, but that’s only because he’s a good-looking fellow and beautiful people get all the attention.

That may not be the case for very long though because, just recently, Bandai Namco Producer Katsuhiro Harada made a Twitter post announcing a new character for the upcoming game; a man named Shaheen. So why are people going to pay more attention to him? Well, he’s a new character, first of all, but he’s also handsome enough to knock Jin out of his beautiful guy throne and I couldn’t be happier! Time to move on devil boy!

Shaheen is a fighter from Saudi Arabia who’s background and fighting style have yet to be detailed. All people seem to be focussing on are his good looks which is comparable to that of a real-life Saudi Arabian man who was supposedly kicked out of a cultural festival for being “too handsome”. Let’s hope the “King Of The Iron Fist” tournament doesn’t have any rules that would warrant the same treatment. If a Velociraptor can fight, so can this beautiful man!

There’s been no word quite yet on a console release of the game, right now arcade machines containing the new game are set to be distributed to arcades around Japan this month with it hopefully reaching homes before the year is through. Keep your eyes peeled, when news breaks of a release date you can bet we’ll feature it here.


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