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Talk Is Cheap, Like Your Loyalty – 91 Days Episode Eight – Season’s Writings


Last week disappointed audiences with an episode dedicated to recapping the series’ story events, but this week’s episode more than made up for the last’s lake of new content. Lawless is in grave trouble; this is something both the audience and the characters that make up 91 Days’ cast know is nothing less than an undeniable fact. While, before the beginning of the series, it was still a town filled with the utmost vile gangsters, it is now in a state of almost-war, perhaps being referred to as something along the lines of “the calm before the storm“. Episode Eight centres itself around the true beginning of a mafia war, with Corteo at the very centre. Having had enough of being pulled from left to right, time and time again, Corteo digs deep and gives in to his primal instincts to do something neither Nero nor Avilio could, setting into motion a series of events far more powerful than he has the ability to control.

Corteo, despite being a pivotal player in the story of 91 Days so far, does not often appear as much as many of us think he should. Regardless of this, he still seems to grow and develop as a character even though he isn’t usually the main focus. This, in and of itself, is proof of great writing, but it was in this most recent episode that we, the audience, were able to see just how powerful evolution can be in storytelling, and just how much of a grasp the 91 Days writing staff have on writing a compelling tale.


To a certain degree, Episode Eight felt somewhat like a time skip, with most characters being in drastically different positions from when we last saw them two episodes ago. Nero is no longer on the run, instead he is running the Vanetti family. Fango is now no longer and loose cannon of a grunt, but the leader of HIS very own mafia family. Corteo is no longer, well…let’s just say Corteo proves to us all that he’s much more than just a moonshiner. This is what I love so much about 91 Days! Sure, it’s a good series simply because it’s a good series, but once you dig a little bit deeper you’ll quickly come to recognise the subtle additions to it’s story that make it as close to a perfect Anime as you can get.

It is honestly hard for me to fall so hard for an Anime series, especially one of which I had no prior connection to. I’ve said this before but I believe it’s worth saying again; before watching episode one of 91 Days I had absolutely no idea what it was about. The series wasn’t on my radar, and, from watching the trailers, I honestly thought it was going to be just another boring period piece. I thank the Gods every week that I decided against my initial thoughts and began watching the series because it has quickly become not only my favorite of this season but, alongside Diamond Is Unbreakable, my pick for Anime of the year.


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