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Taking On Madfest 2016’s One-Punch Man Experience


It doesn’t take a genetically-modified cyborg with heightened processing capabilities to understands that One-Punch Man has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular Anime titles in recent years, so it makes sense that, for the very first Madfest Japanese Pop Culture Expo, Madman Entertain would feature an incredibly unique “One-Punch Man” experience. As just a few of the many to attended the brand-new festival, we at SnapThirty were able to be a part of the four part One-Punch Man experience, and, for your reading pleasure, I’m about to take you through it one step at a time!


The Titular “One Punch”:

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been to an Arcade. Surely. Well as sure as I am of that, I’m just as sure that you’ve seen a machine titled “Dragon Punch“; a “game” wherein which you’re given the chance to punch a speedball a single time in an attempt to get the high score. Quite on the nose, don’t you think? You get literally one punch, so it featuring as part of the “experience” is, to say the very least; fitting. Also…it was really fun, especially while surrounded by life-size One-Punch Man character cut-outs, and other fans raring to go.


The Hero Examination:

In the realm of One-Punch Man, a hero is not simply given their rank, it is an honour that must be earned…by partaking in an examination. Madfest did not force it’s attendees to conduct any physical activity for assessment, instead those a part of the experience simply took a quick One-Punch Man-specific quiz. Can you detail Saitama’s training regime? I thought I could…”thought” being the key word.


The Photographic Evidence:

In an age where the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” is still used as a way to weed out the liars of the world, it’s incredibly important to always have photographic evidence of any strange events that you may come across in your life, that’s why, as a part of the experience, you’re asked to strike your greatest hero pose in front of a smouldering background, used to show how devastatingly powerful you are…as well as perfectly bringing out the colour of your eyes. You’re so beautiful, never forget that.


The Reward: 

After having completed all tasks detailed above, attendees are then given a reward for partaking in a hero-sized set of grueling tests: An official One-Punch Man poster, and a lovely smile from the lady or gentleman handing it too you. You then also have the added satisfaction of knowing that you’re a certified hero, now ready to fight crime in all of it’s forms…unfortunately, most of these fresh-faced heroes continued to hang out at the convention rather than searching for evil-doers to thwart.


Madfest 2016 featured a lot of great stalls, panels, and small events, and this modest One-Punch Man experience was, perhaps, one of the most enjoyed overall. The sizeable booth was constantly filled to the brim with eager fans, and the smiles on their face were key evidence that what they had just experienced was something they will remember for years to come…or at least until Madman Entertainment tops themselves with next-year’s Madfest, which I have a feeling they will!



  1. Ahhh this looks so awesome! I was hoping to fly down to go to Madfest but the timing didn’t work out since I’d just gotten back from Europe >_< Loving your pictures though – looks like a fun day!

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