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Taking It To The Streets – Latest One Piece: Burning Blood Trailer Takes Place In Shibuya


Us Shonen fans are a whimsical bunch, that much is for sure. We read and watch Hunter X Hunter, Shaman King, My Hero Academia, and all the other greats while thinking to ourselves; “Man…what I would give for all of this to be real“. It’s nice, feeling as though you can escape from the humdrum of everyday life by burying yourself in your favorite series, but you know what isn’t nice? The realistic implications that come with Shonen heroes and villains existing in our realm. Do you understand the level of destruction such characters would cause? Bandai Namco Entertainment do, and they’ve given us a glimpse into that reality with the latest trailer for their upcoming fighting game title One Piece: Burning Blood!

By now, you should know exactly what One Piece: Burning Blood is, but for those of you who don’t; One Piece: Burning Blood is an upcoming fighting game that pits One Piece characters against each other in one-on-one bouts of strength. Unlike most, if not all, of the previous One Piece video games, this one does not ask players to partake on a Dynasty Warriors-style journey that has them mindlessly slaughtering hoard after hoard of cannon fodder. No, no, no, One Piece: Burning Blood is a high-octane fighting title that takes as much intelligence as it does simple skill.

In the lead-up to the game’s release, as companies usually do, Bandai Namco Entertainment have been releasing countless trailers detailing the mechanics of the game as well as the characters within it, but never have they done something like this. The latest trailer shows no in-game footage, instead it pits series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy against powerful enemies Enel and Crocodile, using a live-action Shibuya as their battleground. It is one of the more interesting of the game’s trailers to be released, and it is provided for you just below.

One Piece: Burning Blood hit’s Japan on the 21st of April, on the 31st of May across North America, and on the 3rd of June Throughout Europe. The game will be released on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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