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Takeshi Kitano slams the Japanese Film Industry and blasts Hayao Miyazaki


Takeshi Kitano, the legendary Japanese actor/comedian/film-maker/screenwriter/cool dude, who has starred in films such as Battle Royale and Sonatine, has put the Japanese Film Industry on the chopping block with some rather brutal remarks taking the business to task for some rather sneaky tactics.

During the Tokyo International Film Festival, Kitano was awarded the prestigious ‘Samurai Award’. While accepting the award he gave a speech that left many in attendance in a state of shock and panic. Kitano proceeded to brutally beat down the industry and took aim at famed director Hayao Miyazaki.

“The bad thing about the Japanese industry is that the production companies have relationships with cinemas… If you look at the Academy Awards in Japan, it’s mostly TOHO, Toei, Shochiku, and maybe Nikkatsu. I don’t think any have been nominated that are not from these companies. And the newspapers don’t mention this either, because they get ads, and that would be bad,” said Kitano, a man who has seen the ugly face of corruption and spat in its beady eye.

He went on to share his disdain for the lack of original stories in Japanese cinema, “The movie companies don’t have the courage to pay some unknown screenwriter, so they just have a lack of original screenwriters, and we have a lack of those resources.”

To conclude his ball-breaking speech he decided to chime in with his thoughts on the animation industry and Hayao Miyazaki the legendary director from Studio Ghibli, “I don’t like their animation… I really don’t like Hayao Miyazaki, but it is important to recognize other opinions.”

It was a brutal beat down from the legendary icon of Japanese cinema. Whether his opinions ring true or not is ultimately open to debate. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think of Takeshi Kitano’s hardline take on the Japanese Film Industry.

Source: Variety


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