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Take On Titans In The New “MapleStory” Collaboration Event


You know, back when I was a little younger I used to love Nexon’s “MapleStory”. I’d get up early before school, log on to my parent’s computer and quietly play as much as I could of what is apparently one of the most addictive games around. Even though I no longer play “MapleStory” I still love seeing new updates to the game and the latest is something I think Anime fans in general are really going to dig.

“MapleStory” isn’t any stranger to Anime collaborations: The art style is clearly inspired by the pop culture juggernaut and, in the past, they’ve even come together with series’ like “Sword Art Online”. Well the latest Anime to infiltrate the world of “Maple Story” is none other than “Attack On Titan”; possibly one of the Anime worlds most favoured contemporary Animes.


In this new event players are given the opportunity to show just how good or bad they’d work in the world of “Attack On Titan” as they team up with the characters from the much-loved series. Take on the Colossal Titan, scale Wall Maria, and do your best to survive while also collecting as many special coins as you can so you can grab yourself some awesome and exclusive “Attack On Titan” gear.

This event is now active in the English version of the game so as long as you’re character is level 30 or above you can jump in right now and experience “Attack On Titan” through “MapleStory”. Go play some mini-games, go get some loot, go kill some Titans and go prove just how awesome you’d be as a character in “Attack On Titan”!

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    • Frank Inglese says

      Do you play McStevie? I havn’t for a while but I may just record a “Let’s Play” of the new update sometime today.

      • I pop in whenever something novel like this comes up, else no I don’t play, haven’t in years. I was a before Big Bang player for quite a while in my early teen, it kinda lost its focus for me as it entered BB and beyond.

      • Frank Inglese says

        What class did you play? I was a Mechanic

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