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Take A Look At The Cancelled ‘Akira’ Game for Sega Genesis


Ever wondered if there was a planned Sega Genesis video game adaptation of iconic anime film Akira that never quite made it to shelves? Well if you were one of those who did wonder something so obscure yet specific, then you are in luck because footage has leaked of a cancelled Akira game for the Sega Genesis.

The footage that has made its way online comes from a grainy recording of gameplay dating back to 1994’s Consumer Electronics Show event (CES). While the footage showcases the Sega Genesis version of Akira, there was also plans for a Super Nintendo and Game Gear version as well. Unfortunately all plans were cancelled after several development staff left the project leaving it to be neglected and ultimately cancelled indefinitely.

Have a gander at the Sega Genesis version in the video below. The game looks like it involved a lot of motorcycle riding and not a lot else but hey it was an Akira game! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Hardcore Gaming 101


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