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Sword Art Online II promo trailer shoots things, also Kirito is a girl now

sword-art-online-iiGetcha head in the game! Sword Art Online became a blockbuster success in 2012 with its ‘trapped in an MMORPG’ concept striking a chord with a generation of anime viewers who find themselves in the very same situation.

The series explored the world of Sword Art Online for its first cour and then decided to turn all the characters into elves for the rest of the first season as they flew around in some strange fairy world trying to save Asuna from some horny slime-bag trying to marry her comatose body. So yeah it did kind of go off the rails there, but forget all of that because Sword Art Online II is set to premiere on the 7th of July and it looks to course correct by replacing swords with guns and replacing Kirito’s penis with a vagina. Wait.. what?

Whether you love it or you hate it, you cannot deny the cultural impact of Sword Art Online on anime. The brand new trailer for Sword Art Online II can be seen below. Get ready to journey into yet another online game, this time called Gun Gale Online. Also did I mention that they made Kirito into a girl?


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