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‘Sword Art Online II’ – New Preview Video and Character Design Images Released


Reader, we are so close to seeing the first episode of the new Anime series ‘Sword Art Online II” that you can almost taste it. Fans from around the world are rocking in anticipation of the first episode premiere but A-1 Pictures know that we wont last fifteen hours, we want to see more ‘SAO II’ right now! Oh, a new trailer has been released? Oh, a whole bunch of character design images were released? Well…that’s awesome! The trailer, which goes for just under two minutes, is entirely in Japanese but the overall theme of it is; “Gun Gale Online is ruthless”.

The trailer has characters describing the world of ‘Gun Gale Online’ which puts the game in quite a negetive light with most comments explaining how dangerous of a place it is. Also, if you’re unaware; even though the series is called ‘Sword Art Online II’, the focus wont be on swords. Yes the first series centered mostly around the use of bladed weaponry but in ‘SAO II’ the weapons of choice are guns.

The first half of the original ‘SAO’ series took place in a game called…’Sword Art Online’. The second half of the first series took place in a game called ‘Alfheim Online’ which had players rely more on magic and flight rather than swords but even then, most characters carried a blade of some kind. ‘Sword Art Online II’, well…they ditched the swords for the most part.

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This particular video shows the ‘new’ Kirito, who takes the appearance of a female while in-game, wielding a laser sword of some kind so at least his experience with melee weapons like that wont go to waste. A rogue player of ‘Gun Gale Online’ known only as ‘Death Gun’ has appeared within the game and seems to have the ability to kill people in the real world by taking out their avatar in-game. Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) is finally free from the virtual reality world, one that plagued him for many years as he fought to survive and traveled to save the one he loves from the clutches of evil.

Kirito doesn’t exactly get too much ‘downtime’ before he is thrown back into the virtual world with a mission; take down ‘Death Gun’ and save the innocent players. Being the only guy capable of doing so, he dons a new form and heads back into the world that once almost killed him. Hopefully he’s as good with a gun as he is with a sword. Crunchyroll will be streaming the Anime as it airs in Japan so be sure to head over there and pick yourself up a premium membership that way you can be one of the first to lay eyes on the new series.


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