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Summer 2015 Anime Season Watch Guide


It’s been a year since I did my first anime season watch guide and I have been gradually tweaking the formula through each of the last 4 installments but I think it is time for a more simplified approach. If you have been reading my previous entries you may have mixed feelings about this approach but I feel it ultimately will give every show covered a fair go in comparison to assumptions and hearsay. This time around I’ll simply be listing the shows that have caught my eye and giving some thoughts on each listed. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Summer 2015 anime season watch guide.

gangsta-anime-1Gangsta (Manglobe, July 2nd)

Without a doubt the most obvious standout in what is seemingly a rather lightweight season of anime. The Gangsta series is based upon a cult-classic seinen manga series and has received critical acclaim including a series of rave reviews from our site’s own Frank Inglese.

The series follows Nic and Worick a pair of ‘Handymen’ who handle the jobs no one else will. In the city of Ergastulum gangs rule and the dark underbelly is about to surface.

Gangsta has all the right ingredients to be the hit of the season and I have little doubt in my mind that it will be just that. If there is any series you must watch this season, this is it.

dragon-ball-super-1Dragon Ball Super (Toei Animation, July 5th)

It’s Dragon Ball… again. That either means one of two things to you: 1. You are excited for more Dragon Ball action or 2. You wish that this series would just stop getting revived by the dragon balls and stay finished. I’m somewhere in the middle personally. I love Dragon Ball like many in the world do, but I also feel that it is far beyond the point of where I feel like it needed to end.

Dragon Ball Super looks to tie in with the recent slate of films (Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F) and will feature the newly introduced ‘God Race’ of beings, which of course includes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku. Yes that is a confusing title for something that could simply be titled Super Saiyan God 2.

Regardless of all that, Dragon Ball Super is either a must see or must avoid depending on your opinion of beating dead horses. As for me? I’m optimistic that Dragon Ball still has some fun times left to offer, even if they aren’t as fun as the old times.

classroom-crisis-1Classroom Crisis (Aniplex, July 4th)

I love outer space and Classroom Crisis has an out of this world hook. Humanity has colonized every planet in our solar system. We follow several high school students in Fourth Tokyo, a Japanese City on Mars as they struggle with the trials and tribulations that come with living on another planet in the near-future.

While not much else is known about Classroom Crisis, it has a great visual appeal based upon the promotional art and trailer and the plot has me intrigued as a space geek. What sort of series this ends up being however is a mystery to say the least.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might just be a dark horse for best of the season. Just a hunch based on not much at all, but a hunch none the less. I know I’ll be tuning in to this one that’s for sure.

ranpo-kitanRanpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Lerche, July 3rd)

Based upon the work of Edogawa Ranpo and a part of the noitaminA block. Why does that sound familiar? Oh that’s right because there has been a series like that before named Un-Go and it was easily one of the best anime of 2011.

So here we are now with Ranpo Kitan, another series based upon the works of Edogawa Ranpo a legendary mystery writer in Japan with characters and mysteries on the Holmesian level. I’m a sucker for a mystery and if Un-Go is anything to go off of, Ranpo Kitan could very well be something truly special.

The noitaminA anime block has been on some dire straits as of late but this could be the series to revitalize the once great and prestigious anime block. The studio working on the series is a little bit too unknown for my liking but I trust that the work of Edogawa Ranpo is in good hands with director Seiji Kishi of Assassination Classroom fame. Colour me interested.

gatchaman-crowds-insightGatchaman Crowds Insight (Tatsunoko, July 6th)

If you watched Gatchman Crowds first season all the way until the end you will know already whether you want to watch this or not. The ending really turned the entire series on its head in the most decisive way possible.

Sequels are always tough and given Gatchaman Crowds controversial ending, where they go from here is paramount for the success of this next season. Was this a necessary continuation? Yes and no. Yes because the ending was far from conclusive or explanatory. No because too much of a good thing can be bad.

Definitely one for the fans of the series, but for everyone else there isn’t going to be much on offer here unless you’ve been initiated into the wonderful world of the Gatchaman.

aquarion-logos-1Aquarion Logos (Satelight, July 3rd)

The Aquarion series is pretty under-rated as far as mecha series go. Aquarion EVOL was a lot of fun and highly engaging as far as standard mecha fare go. What does Logos have to offer that’s different from EVOL and previous Aquarion series? Hopefully not too much because those series were great.

If the rest of the series is anything to judge by, Aquarion Logos may end up being a fun mecha romp that doesn’t require too much introspection and thought, but instead will serve as a nice way to switch off and enjoy some mecha blowing up other mecha because why not?

gate-anime-1GATE (A-1 Pictures, July 4th)

A big fantasy epic from A-1 Pictures could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’m hoping that GATE winds up being a good thing because it does have an interesting hook.

One fine day in the Ginza district, a ‘Gate’ to another dimension opens letting in monster and medieval knights who destroy half of Tokyo’s population in one fell swoop. It’s a cataclysmic event that becomes known as the Ginza incident. The government retaliates by sending a special defense force into the ‘Gate’ to bring the fight to the monsters that lie within.

It’s a great hook and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in watching it. I’ll definitely be giving it the three episode test at the very least.

prison-school-animePrison School (JC Staff, July 11th)

Dominatrix school would be an equally apt title for this anime. Based on a manga known for its harem of dominatrix gals with buxom bosoms to boot, Prison School has quite a reputation behind it.

This is far from your standard harem fare and some rather extreme scenarios and situations. If you are into something a little more hardcore in your harem then Prison School may be the slap on the ass you are looking for, but it is certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

I’d advise airing on the side of caution with this one as it may be a little bit too much for some. Prison School is hard on the fan-service and borderline hardcore hentai at times. You have been warned, or maybe enticed depending on your interests.

ushio-and-toraUshio and Tora (MAPPA, July 3rd)

This one has somehow slipped under the radar for most people but this adaptation of a classic Shonen Sunday manga from the 90s could very well end up being a surprise hit of the season. Ushio and Tora is about a classically shonen as it gets and as iconically 90s as anime gets.

The series follows a boy named Ushio who frees a Tiger Demon named Tora and must work alongside him to fight yokai and other mythical beasts. The manga has received significant acclaim and the series even spawned an OVA series in the 90s, albeit a rather lackluster one at that.

It looks like Ushio and Tora will be bringing the GAR with a shonen anime fans dream come true of an anime series. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the trailer below and tell me you don’t want to watch this while fist pumping in the air like you really want to beat up the sky. Ushio and Tora looks like one hell of a ride, I for one hope that it is a long-running series that adapts the entirety of the manga. Fingers crossed.

Also worth mentioning…

A few other series that might be worth a look in but won’t be getting a full write up for lack of interest on my part include the next Durarara!!x2 season, A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist, Overlord, Monster Musume, God Eater and Charlotte. Although they haven’t exactly made the cut on my watch guide this time around, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Let me know your thoughts on these series below.

Did we miss an anime you are looking forward to for Summer 2015? If so let us know what you are looking forward to watching in the comments section below. Do you agree with our watch guide? Let us know!



  1. Gangsta had a good first ep, and another show that did was Aoharu x Kikanjuu. It was not quite what I expected but was really fun.

    The other show I have on my list you don’t have here is Rokka no Yuusha – I’m going to check out the first ep now.

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