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Suit Up! My Hero Academia Promo Teases Main Cast


Plus Ultra!

It’s no secret that the writers of this fair site, myself very much included, are fans of the My Hero Academia manga that resides within Shonen Jump. As such, it’s pretty neat to know that an anime project based on said manga is set to launch in March of 2016, placing it within the Spring season. With tidbits released here and there, attentive news goers have probably seen character art depicting five of the main characters and, more recently, a listing of their respective seiyuu. Well, as is so often the case with upcoming series, more information has come to light…okay, not so much new information, but more coherent. That is to say that a new promo has streamed that showcases the character’s voices in action, along with a nice glimpse of their hero costumes.

Not a whole lot more to be said about that that can’t be gleamed from actually watching the promo so, instead of wasting your time with inane banter, I’m just going to relinquish typing and put the video below. Also some character art, because that’s fun.


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