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Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki To Return To Feature Film-Making

SAN DIEGO, CA. JULY 24, 2009:  Hayao Miyazaki photographed at Comic-Con International in san Diego, July 24, 2009. A look at the work of the famed japanese animator, creator of films such as "Kiki's Delivery Service," "Howl's Moving Castle" and "My Neighbor Totoro". Miyazaki's latest movie "Ponyo" arrives in the U.S. in August,

For much of our lives, humans blissfully anticipate their opportunity to retire. Work hard when you’re young, save as much money as possible, do enough so that when it comes time to retire you can do it comfortably, but there’s a part of retirement that no-one seems to foresee, and it’s boredom. Hayao Miyazaki, the Godfather of modern Anime cinema, announced his retirement some time ago alongside the internal shuffle of Studio Ghibli, but we all knew it was simply never going to last. When you’ve dedicated yourself to one art, it’s near impossible to give it up, even as the twilight years of your life start to roll around. Hayoa Miyazaki has a fire burning in his heart that will never be extinguished and that’s why he has returned to feature film making for an indefinite period of time.

Since his retirement, Miyazaki has been working on a small project called “Boro The Caterpillar” which, upon completion, was to be shown as a part of the Studio Ghibli museum tour circuit. This short film was, up until this point in time, going to be as it’s title describes; short, but the ambitious Hayao Miyazaki felt that this story had to much more to deliver audiences and has since been developing it as a feature-length film. So far, this project has not been green-lit, but that isn’t stopping Miyazaki from working on it with the same obsession that made so many previous Studio Ghibli films great.

Miyazaki has stated that the feature film should be entirely complete by 2019, just before the 2020 Olympics, making it the most appropriate time to release something that shows the dedication and passion of the Japanese people. This information was all sourced from a special that aired on NHK television over in Japan titled “The Man Who Is Not Done: Hayao Miyazaki“, perhaps the most fitting name for a program dedicated to an individual that has not the faintest idea of what it is like to rest, constantly working, always improving, proving time and time again that his chosen life path is one that not only brings about the joy of many others but, more importantly, himself. Fight on, Miyazaki-sensei.


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