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Street Fighter’s Akuma To Be A Playable Character In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution


Characters crossing over between Tekken and Street Fighter is something that has actually happened a fair few times in the past. Hell, there was even a game that brought both fighting titles together, so it’s not crazy to think that a Street Fighter character would be featured in the recently announced arcade followup title Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. The very first trailer for the new edition of Tekken 7 has just been posted online courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment and it just so happens to feature Street Fighter’s Akuma who must, apparently, defeat Heihachi Mishima before he destroys the world…seeing as nobody else can. It’s far to say that, out of any character, Akuma being the one to take down Heihachi is quite fitting, I mean…he’s the embodiment of all evil, and also the “Supreme Master Of The Fist”.

As of right now, nothing has been said regarding the specific date of this arcade title’s release, nor whether or not it will be hitting home consoles anytime soon, but it is unlike Bandai Namco Entertainment to withhold information for longer than they have to, so you can expect to hear something regarding the new game in due time. For now, just sit back and appreciate the very first trailer; not only does it feature what looks to be a world war…but also it has Akuma fighting Heihachi. Honestly, what more could you want?


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