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Street Fighter V: The Return of Charlie Nash


Death can’t keep a good fighter down

Having been previously hinted in a previous trailer, Capcom has officially made it known that Street Fighter V will contain the re-introduction of one Charlie Nash. Previously believed to be dead, fans may notice one or two key differences in the returned Nash, namely the patches of flesh that don’t quite match the rest…

First mentioned in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) by Guile during his quest for revenge; Nash was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and one of Guile’s best friends. Although it was hinted that M.Bison was involved in Charlie’s disappearance in the past, it was never really fully explained…

…until the Street Fighter Alpha series, that is. In Street Fighter Alpha II (1996) we see firsthand that a helicopter controlled by M.Bison’s forces make quick work of Nash as M.Bison gets away. Initially presumed to be dead by both friends and foes alike, Nash’s return shows that his story is far from over.

While the mysteries surrounding his return will become clear later on, for now we’re pleased to announce that the originator of the Sonic Boom is back with quite a few new tricks.

So check out the trailer and witness this reanimated fighter give Chun Li and Ryu the ol’ what for. Because what point is there in being brought back to life if you can’t kick the crap out of some people?

Additionally, the trailer also revealed that pre-ordering the title will provide access to a beta version. So check that out as well.


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