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Street Fighter V Introduces Us To New Fighter: Kolin


I’m a simple man, and therefor don’t know much about the world around me. Something I know for certain though is that the world in question is run by an elite series of hyper human beings known as the Illuminati. They’ve got their God-like hands in everything; music, television, film, food products…I assume. Nothing will stop their reign! Apart from, like, Ken or something. A martial artists can probably thwart this secret governing society. Actually, I’m fairly certain that they have before.

Street Fighter III saw the introduction of a brand-new villain; Gill, who was once actually the leader of the aforementioned shadow organisation; the Illuminati. Now while you may assume that I’m on the verge of revealing that he himself is to appear as a new playable character in the already released Street Fighter V…you’d assume wrong. It is, instead, his silent assistant Kolin who will be joining the roster for the latest instalment of playable characters.


Yes, Kolin is her name, and fighting for the Illuminati is her game. Revealed by Capcom just today is the addition of Kolin as one of the latest playable characters to be added to the game through the season two character DLC alongside, so far, Akuma with four new characters to be revealed over the coming weeks. Kolin is a beautiful fighter of, seemingly, a Russian background, but seeing as she is an Illuminati agent that remains very much a mystery.

She is the queen of Systema; a Russian martial art that she herself has mastered, I assume to aid in the domination of the world alongside Gill and the rest of the Illuminati soldiers. Kolin will be released alongside her own story mode, and series of wonderful costumes, so you’ll be able to discover her backstory once that is made available, which won’t be for a little bit. Kolin will first be playable in five days, the 15th of February, at the launch party of Lupe Fiasco’s latest album Drogas Light.

Unfortunately we’re not all friends with Lupe Fiasco and aren’t lucky enough to just be allowed into any and all parties he decided to throw, so those of us not cool enough to hang with Lupe will have to wait until the 28th of February to play as our new friend Kolin. Until then, though, check out her introduction trailer which I have provided for you below!


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