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Steins;Gate Showcases Three More Characters in Their 20s


Steins;Gate has chosen

Thou hath not read wrong fellow Future Gadgeteers, everybody’s favourite mad scientist shall return with companions in tow via a novel known as Steins;Gate: The Committee of Antimatter. Said medium will feature the post-grad lives of the temporally knowledgeable cast, revealing what each character is up to now…in the future…of the past. Having already depicted Okube, Makise, Daru, Mayuri and Nae, this new batch of images give us a glimpse of Ruka (shrine miko and now college student…a dude), Faris (maid cafe superstar, naturally) and Moeka (writer for Arc Rewrite, worker at Braun Tube Worshop, still not very verbal.

Unfortunately for fans, and somewhat ironic given the series subject matter, The Committee of Antimatter has been pushed back from an August 29th release to September 25th. Though an English release will be even later still. Oh well, in the meantime I guess all we can do is enjoy the images we have and wait patiently for the future. El Psy Congroo.


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