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Steal Back The Future – Persona 5 Official Second Trailer Leaked


You know about Persona 4: Dancing All Night don’t you? It’s the spin-off PlayStation Vita title that has you, the main cast of Persona 4, dance your way through the world of the Shadows for reasons mostly unknown to everyone but ATLUS themselves.

Well the rhythm title was released over in Japan only recently and with first run copies came an extra DVD that happened to feature the second official trailer for the more exciting upcoming ATLUS title Persona 5.

Some grand citizen of this world ripped the trailer from the disc and placed on the fantastic tool we call the internet for us all to see before ATLUS could release it themselves. Naughty, naughty!

The second trailer features mostly the same footage as the first but you’ll catch some pretty awesome updates that show what looo to be regular humans transforming into Shadows and a pair of characters that may just take the place of Margaret who tool care of all your Velvet Room needs back in Persona 4.

No matter what the damn trailer shows, it’s worth watching! I’ve provided it for you below so you’ve got no excuse but to click play and sit through an awesome minute and a half. The game will hit both the PlayStation 3 and 4 worldwide sometime this year.

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