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Stand Up! Cardfight Vanguard gets new ‘Infinite Rebirth’ Booster Set Next Month


Bushiroad have offficially announced that a brand new booster set for Cardfight Vanguard is slated for release next month on the 19th of September. The new booster pack is titled ‘Infinite Rebirth’ and will introduce over a hundred brand new cards into the world of Vanguard.

Cardfighters are sure to be interested as to what clans will be included in the booster set so as to build upon their existing decks and of course potentially construct new ones. Bushiroad have confirmed that ‘Infinite Rebirth’ will feature cards from the following clans:

  • Gold Paladin (14)
  • Kagero (16)
  • Link Joker (18)
  • Aqua Force (19)
  • Shadow Paladin (16)
  • Pale Moon (7)
  • Megacolony (13)

Each booster pack will consist of 5 random cards of the 102 possible cards available in the ‘Infinite Rebirth’ set. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the booster series:

  • 8 – RRR (Triple Rare)
  • 12 – RR (Double Rare)
  • 22 – R (Rare)
  • 60 – C (Common)
  • 12 – SP (Special)
  • 1 – Secret!

You can check out the promotional trailer for the ‘Infinite Rebirth’ booster set below to get a gander at what’s in store for Cardfighters with this new expansion. Let us know in the comments section below what you think.


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